"Summer Dream Beach" Watercolor Mastery Workshop

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By David J Rogers,

Watercolor Artist/Instructor
Morro Bay, CA


What is this workshop all about?

Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Summer Dream Beach"

Designed for artists of all skill levels.

Welcome to this watercolor workshop filmed in studio at the David J Rogers Fine Art Gallery in beautiful Morro Bay, California.

We all have our favorite memories of summer. Most of mine are centered around my home here on California's central coast. Your fondest summer memories may be of a family vacation at a mountain lake or perhaps of visiting one of your own local beaches.

This digital Watercolor Mastery Workshop is dedicated to your favorite memory of summer vacation, wherever it may be.

In this Watercolor Mastery Workshop, I'll also be showing you a few creative options in different areas of the project painting and encouraging you to use your own imagination and artistic license.

This is a workshop for artists of all skill levels, and beginners are especially encouraged to attend.


Here's just some of what we'll be covering in this Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Summer Dream Beach"...


*How to turn reference photographs into a beautiful watercolor paintings.

*How to use masking fluid to preserve whites.

*How to paint a convincing sea and shoreline.

*How to compose a lighthouse painting.

*How to use color and value to portray depth and distance.

*How to bring unity and harmony to your painting.

*Incorporating a wide range of values into your paintings and why it's important.

*How to simplify a watercolor painting with suggestion instead of details.

*How to direct focus in a landscape painting with a compelling composition.

*Artist Q&A session.

And so much more!

This digital workshop is going to help you make a quantum leap in your watercolor painting abilities!

This is definitely a Watercolor Mastery Workshop you will not want to miss.

This is a full recording of a live 2-day virtual Watercolor Mastery Workshop from the David J Rogers Fine Art Gallery.


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