Upcoming Live Watercolor Mastery Workshops


Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all of our in person locational workshops have been temporarily changed to live virtual online events.

Be sure to make your reservation early for one of our live online events as limited space is available and the workshops tend to sell out fast. 



"Inspired Watercolor Roses"
Sat Feb 4th, 2023
(10am to 2pm PT)


One of the most commonly asked questions in my workshops is "how can I loosen up my watercolors?"

Perhaps you have seen and admired other artists who work in a more freed up looser style. Their work seems to flow effortlessly from their brush to the paper. Its almost like their paintings magically paint themselves.

How do they do it?

Our upcoming Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Inspired Watercolor Roses" is the perfect opportunity to share  with you some painting techniques that will add energy and spontaneity to your work, but more importantly, learning how to paint creatively is the avenue to discovering your own personal style of watercolor painting.
This is a workshop for artists of all skill levels.
Here's just some of what we'll be covering... 
*How to use color temperature to add depth and vibrancy to your floral paintings.
*How to paint creatively and add freshness and spontaneity to your work at the same time.
*Techniques for adding a looser and more energetic feel to your watercolors.
*How to use photographs as inspiration more than reference.
*The secret to mixing fresh and vibrant color.
*A powerful negative painting technique that will spotlight your subject.
*How to emphasize and direct focus to your subject with loose and interpretive backgrounds.
*How simplifying with suggestion will add unity to your painting.
*How to apply the "6 Steps to Any Watercolor."
*Getting the most out of your color washes.
*Bringing it all together - the keys to a cohesive painting.
*Artist Q&A session.
And so much more!
This one day event is going to help you to make a quantum leap in your watercolor painting abilities!
This is definitely a Watercolor Mastery Workshop you will not want to miss.

Click Here to reserve your spot for the "Inspired Watercolor RosesWatercolor Mastery Workshop on February 4th, 2023!