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 Virtual On-Line
Watercolor Mastery Workshop

"Lazy Day at the Beach"
July 6th, 2024
10am to 2pm PT


Welcome to the "Lazy Day at the Beach" Watercolor Mastery Workshop, and just in time for Summer! 
Escape to tranquil shores with our virtual watercolor workshop, "Lazy Day at the Beach." Allow this Watercolor Mastery Workshop to transport you to a peaceful and relaxing coastal scene, where you'll create a breathtaking watercolor painting of the ocean, featuring two inviting beach chairs and a sun-kissed beach. Whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner looking to explore the joys of watercolor, this workshop offers the perfect blend of relaxation and creativity.
"Lazy Day at the Beach" is more than just a workshop; it's a mini-vacation that lets you enjoy the soothing process of watercolor painting while creating a piece of art that embodies the peace and beauty of a day by the sea.
I hope you enjoy the workshop I have prepared for you. My approach to watercolors is fairly straight forward. This is an easy to follow step-by-step workshop for artists of all skill levels.
Here are a few of the watercolor principles we'll be covering in this workshop.
*A guided step-by-step plan that you'll be able to use in every future watercolor painting.
*How to turn reference photographs into a beautiful watercolor paintings.
*How to use color temperature to create depth and distance in your landscapes.
*Learn a variety of watercolor wash techniques to use in all of your future paintings.
*How to paint beaches and oceans.
*How to use masking fluid.
*A common sense approach to perspective.
*Simple techniques for painting all kinds of cloudy skies.
*How to incorporate a wide range of values into your paintings and why it's important.
*How to simplify a watercolor painting with suggestion and where to use details.
*Artist Q&A session.
And so much more!
We will apply everything we learn to a guided step-by-step demonstration of the painting shown above. As we go from step to step, we'll discuss the techniques and concepts we learned and how they directly relate to this painting. Since this will be a live, interactive, hands on experience, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions in real time and have them answered by the artist.
This one day event is going to help you to make a quantum leap in your watercolor painting abilities

This is definitely a watercolor workshop you will not want to miss.