Intermediate to Advanced Watercolor Course

The Intermediate to Advanced Watercolor Course 

The first thing you will notice as you go through the course material is that it is quite different than "The Complete Beginner's Guide to Watercolor Painting." 

Up to this point, our primary focus within The Complete Beginner's Guide to Watercolor Painting course, as well as individual Watercolor Mastery Workshops has been on the "elements" of design and about learning the different watercolor painting techniques and processes universally used by watercolor artists everywhere. However, if we were to use the metaphor of learning to drive a car, thus far we only have a basic understanding of the mechanics of driving - how to steer, brake and accelerate and a basic understanding of the rules of the road. Now that we know the "how" of driving, we have the vehicle to realize our "why." It is time to discover what we need to know about the "principles" of design so that we can begin driving to our destination, to finding our own artistic identity.

This is the primary focus of this course, and my sincere hope is that what I will be sharing with you over these next twelve months will help you to realize your ultimate destination in this path you have chosen.

This course includes one full year of online curriculum. It is a small group learning environment and all beginner watercolor artists are encouraged to apply.

Every month begins with a "Studio Mentorship Session." This is a live, interactive Zoom session with all students, where we review the previous month's lessons, as well as a detailed explanation of the upcoming month's instruction. Many times the session will include a painting demonstration so that students get a full understanding of the principles involved.

Where the beginner's course is self directed, this is a highly interactive student/instructor learning experience and includes a monthly critique session so that students are able to get help where they need it and see their progress in real time.

The course content is made available sequentially, from month to month so that all students are at the same stage in the learning process. Students are also asked to share assignments in our private Facebook group, where they are able to help one another, give feedback, and encourage each other in a safe environment.

At the end of the year, all students are invited to a 3 day workshop retreat at the David J. Rogers Fine Art Gallery in Morro Bay, California. The retreat includes 3 days of plein air painting at selected locations on the beautiful central coast of California.

Month 1: Foundations
Month 2: Composition Concepts
Month 3: Discovery
Month 4: Landscapes Part 1
Month 5: Landscapes Part 2 & 3
Month 6: Skies and Atmosphere
Month 7: Cityscapes & The Man Made World
Month 8: Painting on Location - Plein Aire Considerations
Month 9: Watercolor Portraits
Month 10: Abstract and Intuitive Painting
Month 11: Close Focus & Still Life Painting
Month 12: Bringing it All Together - Your Own Artistic Style

The Intermediate to Advanced Watercolor Course begins is by application only.

If you are ready to advance in your painting skills, and find your own personal artistic style, click the link below and schedule a call to learn more about how to become one of the new students in the upcoming Intermediate to Advanced Watercolor Course.