Red Canoe

Red Canoe

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Red Canoe
Limited Edition Giclee print from an original watercolor painting

About this item
I do love to paint, but my love of fishing comes in as a very close second. I spent many days on both the lower Kings river and the San Joaquin in the central valley fly fishing like the gentleman in this painting. These days,  If you can't find me here at the gallery, you'll more than likely find me standing on the beach casting a line into the surf. 

"Red Canoe" is reproduced from an original watercolor painting by David J Rogers. Using today’s latest Giclee printing technology, each print is individually created with archival inks on watercolor paper to look and feel just like the original, and has a projected lifespan of 80 years if protected against direct sunlight. The artwork is individually printed on order, and is inspected, hand signed and numbered by the artist.

Additional Details

Medium:                        Transparent Watercolor
Edition:                          50
Size:                               26 x 50 Inches
                     Gallery Wrapped Canvas
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