Pismo Surfing

Pismo Surfing

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Giclee print from an original watercolor painting

Late in the day the sun is still high, and the tide is out. A lone surfer walks to the water in anticipation of the perfect wave. Pismo Beach is a seaside town on central coast of California just south of Morro Bay and it's known for it's excellent surfing. It’s a frequent escape for many inland Californians to unwind and get away from it all. Present company included!
Pismo Surfing is reproduced from an original watercolor painting by David J Rogers.
Using today’s latest Giclee printing technology, each print is individually created with archival inks on watercolor paper to look and feel just like the original, and has a projected lifespan of 80 years if protected against direct sunlight. The artwork is individually printed on order, and is inspected and hand signed by the artist.

Additional Details
                       Transparent Watercolor
Size:                               11 x 24 Inches
Edition Size:                  100
                     Acid-Free Watercolor Paper
Availability:                   Available



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