The Right Painting Can be a Soul-Soothing Escape for a Hectic Life


If you’re anything like I am, you’ll drop everything for a spontaneous trip somewhere relaxing to rejuvenate from your hectic, non-stop life.  Who wouldn’t? Unfortunately, most of us have to carve out the time from our busy schedules in order to do it, and more often than not, it just doesn’t happen.
The struggle to find peace and tranquility in today’s frantic world is real.  Finding the right piece of art, (something that you can really identify with) can help you to connect with those feelings and take you there on a regular basis.

My name is David J Rogers.  I am an artist, a watercolorist by choice, and this is the gap that I hope my work is able to fill. I live in Fresno, California where my lovely wife Peggy and I have raised 4 children.  Living here in the Central San Joaquin Valley you have to really look for beauty and inspiration and some days it isn’t easy to notice.  I find though that when I know I’m taking a weekend trip to the coast, or to the Sierra Nevadas, or to the Napa wine country, that the anticipation is almost overwhelming.  I think just about everyone who lives here kind of feels the same way.  I’m sure the feeling is universal to some extent.  Everyone is looking for an escape from the day to day reality of their fast paced lives.

Every artist should have something of value to say, a message to convey.  I had a dream once about inspiration and in the dream I was standing on a beach.  The salty sea air was crisp and clean.  I was looking out over the crashing waves to the horizon, and somehow God was whispering in the beauty of the scene “listen, and be still.”  This, I hope, is the message of my art.  It’s what I’m trying to find in every subject I paint.  Peace, calm, stillness and tranquility are the underlying messages that I want the viewer to walk away with.


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