"Cambria Shore" Watercolor Mastery Workshop

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By David J Rogers,

Watercolor Artist/Instructor
Morro Bay, CA


What is this workshop all about?

Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Cambria Shore."
Designed for artists of all skill levels.

California's central coast is a uniquely beautiful, and captivating subject for artists of all types. The shoreline and beaches around Cambria California are considered by many to be some of the most beautiful in the world. Located halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and roughly a 25 minute drive from the David J Rogers Fine Art Gallery in Morro Bay, California, it's a subject that David has had the pleasure of painting on many occasions.

David invites you to join him and discover for yourself the joy of painting this enchanting and picturesque subject.

In this Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Cambria Shore" I'll be sharing with you the techniques that I use to take what seems like a very complicated subject and break it down into a simple steps. A process that you'll be able to use with every one of your future paintings.

This is a workshop for artists of all skill levels.

Here's just some of what we'll be covering in this upcoming Watercolor Mastery Workshop "Cambria Shore"...

*How to turn reference photographs into a beautiful watercolor paintings.
*Arranging a compelling composition.
*How to paint convincing ocean waves.
*How to paint convincing rocks.
*How to bring unity and harmony to your painting with a limited palette.
*Incorporating a wide range of values into your paintings and why it's important.
*How to simplify a watercolor painting with suggestion instead of details.
*How to use "planes" in your landscape (and seascape!) paintings to identify value placement and add depth and dimension to your work.
*Artist Q&A session.

And so much more!
This is a full recording of a live virtual Watercolor Mastery Workshop from the David J Rogers Fine Art Gallery.


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